The Day Before Christmas Eve

So today I am waiting for my children to come back home.  THe middle one and the youngest went upstate to go to a party at my mom’s house with all our cousins on her side of the family.  It was too late at night for Bob and I to go and come back here so Bob could work today. We are still fighting colds, both of us, so it’s best that we stayed home anyway.

So we watched movies some while we stayed at home.  I just watched a little bit–I don’t really like too many movies so I just came in and out occasionally while he was watching them.  I worked on my story I’ve been hitting licks at this semester and will be starting on the complex section next.  So far it is going well–we will see.

I hope to hear from our oldest today–it’s her day off and she was going to celebrate Chirstmas today with her boyfriend. They were going to open presents and what not.  So hopefully she likes everything we’ve sent her.  Hopefully the last of her packages comes in today–it has cards for most of the family for Chirstmas.

So I need to go take my medicine and do other morning stuff.  Hope everyone has a great week and a merry Chirstmas!


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