After-Christmas Shopping

So we went out and did our typical Hallmark ornament buy this morning.  We also went to Barnes and Noble and I got six CD’s for $25 which I thought was a great steal of a deal, especially with a gift card for that amount.  We ran into Belk’s and got my youngest two Christmas tops for just under $17 and then went and ate at Simple Burger.  We had just a really successful trip this year.

So now we are home and writing thank you notes or everything.  It’s been a really nice Christmas with good fellowship and truly very little stress that was holiday related.  I’ve been really even keeled and happy  when I”m supposed to be happy.  I am sad for some people–my brother-in-law’s grandmother and my college roommate’s brother both died on Christmas Day.  So those families are sad. Something like that around the holidays is always sad.

My middle one flies out tomorrow to go to New York City with her friend Danielle and is trying to work out when she is going to show back up to GA for her last co-op semester.  She will be in school after this trying to finish up her degree.  We should finish up at about the same time.  So that wil be nice.  I do my last class this semester then start thesis hours in the fall.  So much fun.

I suppose I need to start tidying up some.  But nothing too urgent.  I’m just goiog to take it easy like I usually do and not run around too much.  My youngest goes out of town too to see my parents for a couple of days  so Bob and I will have the house to ourselves.  We will stay occupied I think.  Hope everyone has a good day and makes good memories for the season.



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