That’s how I feel this morning.  We had the weekend off without kids and Bob was really too sick to do anything.  SO we stayed around the house except to go out and eat.  SO nothing really to report from the weekend.

ANd today I just feel bored and disconnected.  I’m not sleepy so that is good.  It’s one of those days where I wish I could think of something to accomplish but I can’t really.  Not that there’s not stuff to do around here, but I don’t want to do that kind of stuff.  I just want to work but I don’t have a project lined up to do.

I could read.  Or I could take stock of the year and think of new “ways to continue improving”, which is what I do instead of making resolutions.  I think I will do that. First I make a list of successes, accomplishments, and goals met, then I make the list of ways to continue improving.  NUmber one accomplishment is that I stayed out of the hospital this year.  That is always a plus. I can think of others once I put my mind to it.

My younger two come home at different times today–my middle one is already on the plane to Atlanta and my youngest should be on her way home with my parents by now.  I expect we will eat out for lunch with my parents once they get here. So we will see how that goes.

It’s a pretty day today so that always helps my mood. I am feeling somewhat optimistic at least.  Not dragged down.  SO that is a plus as well. Hopefully my brain can fill up as the day goes by.  Hope everyone is set for a happy New Year!


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