New Year’s Eve

I found other things to do yesterday so did not list out my accomplishments/whatnot.  But I do plan to take time to do it today at some point and so will post them when I do. We are going ot the new Star Wars movie this afternoon so I will likely work on it tonight.

We slept in this morning  and just got back from lunch. So now we are just killing time until the movie.   I am feeling good this morning–still taking it one day at a time with giving up the Cokes again. I’ve only had two since Christmas Eve. So at least I have cut back.

My mood is holding better today than yesterday.  I go see my counselor the seventh of January and my psychiatrist the twenty-first.  Hopefully I won’t need any med changes this year. I like my regimen I am on now and am used to it.  But always open to change if I have a downhill slump.  I am going to try to stay on top of anything that might slide me down.

But I will wind this up.  I am glad that in 2019 I did not go to the hospital.  I am glad I am so close to finishing my degree. and I am glad to have my family around me as I make my way through life.  Goodbye 2019 and hello 2020!



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