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High Energy/Low Motivation

I’m awake and all that, staying awake longer at night, etc., but I absolutely cannot concentrate on one thing long enough to do it. I don’t want to do anything that needs doing.  I can’t concentrate on the reading for class, I don’t know how to put the next story together without one quote I need, etc. I don’t know what’s going on.

I wonder if I’m trying to push myself too much after being sick. Maybe I need to rest my body and mind some more, make sure I don’t relapse. But for once in a long time, I’m not sleepy or wanting to get in bed to rest all day.  I just kind of want to sit at the computer mindlessly scrolling and listening to Harry Connick, Jr.

ANy ideas for trying to work through my to-do list are welcome. I have readings and forums to post in for class about those readings, I need to go to the grocery store, I need to do laundry, I need to work on my stories for MCIR, and I Just think I’m overwhelmed with how much has to be done today.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Feeling Better

Still had trouble going to sleep last night.  But I am awake this morning and writing–I pitched an article to a call back last year asking for stories about psoriasis and living with the disease, and it finally got picked up and will be a nice payday if they like what I have come up with. So we will see. I worked on it last night and revised it this morning.

THey want a positive spin on it, so I took the tack that it was a relief to finally be diagnosed with it in my thirties since I had been told all my life that it was my FAULT that my skin was so bad. So they liked that idea and we will see if I execute it to my ability.

The painters finished the trim yesterday and will be putting up the color today. I called about the furniture and it looks like it will come in on time as well.  I may go ahead and move in and start working in there after I get the carpet cleaned. I think I’m just going to do the carpet and let Gary’s do it. I need to call them.

I need to do my reading for class and do the discussion questions. I am finding it hard to stay focused in this class. I don’t know why. Maybe I am finally tired of school. But this is the last one so I just need to do what it takes to make it through it. Including the reading.

So everyone have a good day and look forward to the weekend!




Office Work

I’m taking another step on getting my office ready for furniture–the painters are out here redoing the paint and the paint in the bathroom next door.  I got talked into some super bright green paint in there by a decorator and it was fine while the kids were younger, but they’re older and moving out so I’m going to do it in the same pastel blue as the rest of the house.  The trim accessories like curtains, that bathroom have blue in them so it will be a nice fit

I need to call the furniture people to get a better idea on when they’re going to have my furniture delivered.  And I’m going to have the carpet cleaned  in there too.  In for  a penny, in for a pound.

Meanwhile I am still typing in the kitchen as we speak and all that.  I may go ahead and move my computer in there after getting the carpet cleaned so I can settle in somewhat already,  I am so ready to do it,

This pinkeye has really messed up my clas scheduling reading–I can’t read through my glasses hardly well enough to understand what I am looking at  And I don’t want to put my contacts in until after the drops have run their course.  So we will see what happens.  I may just have to read it all this weekend and see what I can  make of everything.

I had a bad night last night.  My mind spun and spun around all night long.  I finally moved to the extra bedroom so I wouldn’t bother Bob, then went to doing yoga poses to try to relax and settle down my brain. I slept about four hours then came back to the regular bed because I was cold and slept another one. And I’m pretty awake and aware this morning, which is so unusual for me.  So I am wondering if my mood is shifting somewhat.

Hopefully I can stay awake today and try to get back on a schedule tomorrow,


Digging My Way Out

I have been so sick for so long I am getting very behind. I have a lot of writing to do in a very short time. I wish my mind was clearing up faster. I need to do a lot of reading too and I just feel very very behind on it all. If I don’t read today and be able to participate in workshop tonight, that’s a lot more writing I will have to do later in the week. I guess I will just try to participate tonight. If my throat keeps improving, I will do it tonight. So that is that.

I guess I need to start reading. Hope everyone else is doing well and pray that I’ll keep recovering. Thanks for all the well-wishes so far. I do appreciate them. Hope everyone has a good week,


Still Sick, 3rd Verse

Dr. Morris is a bit mystified as to why I keep coming back with this same garbage in my throat.  Today he said it was worse than ever, plus I had pinkeye! So I am going to stay as inactive as possible today and this afternoon and save up my strength for when I have to take my youngest to dance. I simply feel awful and do not know what to do.

So far I have spent much of January sick and I just want to get back to normal. I just took Nyquil since it seems to be the only thing that stops y throat from actively hurting so I likely will go back to bed soon.

Please pray that not only will I get better, that I will not catch it again after this.  Three times is for the birds.





My throat is terribly sore. It’s been coming on for a few days now and I hoped it might go away again but it doesn’t seem to be doing so. So Monday I am going to try to go to the doctor again and maybe it will have developed enough that I can get a definitive diagnosis. But I feel terrible today and that’s why I am just now posting.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and pray that I can get better.



Bob’s Home

So Bob is home now. He went in early and stayed for a while until it became obvious he couldn’t talk on the phone long without coughing, so he came home. I am at loose ends–I need people to call me so I can finish up my articles and get those done. So guess where I was when he got home? You got it–in the bed. Oh well.

Now I’m up and have started laundry. So that will get done today, Not sure what else will. I don’t feel well–my throat is acting up again but not badly enough to go to the doctor. I will wait it out this time, since last time I called about it he said it was likely viral since it was hanging around even with antibiotics. So we will see.

So tired. Hopefully it will wear off soon and I will be awake. Until then I will try to look busy, Wish me luck!