Slow Morning

Such a day.  We’ve gotten the Christmas stuff put away finally and are getting ready for my youngest to go back to school tomorrow.  I’ve worked on an essay that I sent a pitch out for the other day–they said it would probably be a month before they responded, and at first I was going to  wait–but I decided what the heck–I may as well write it in my spare time so it will be ready to send if they like the idea.

So I’ve goten a few things accomplished but still not a lot.  I need to go grocery shopping and start on my next story for MCIR but I really do not feel good.  My throat is sore again and I am going back to the doctor tomorrow.  I am going to have him check me for mono.  I have been up and doing but not nearly at my regular pace.  So we will check for that when I go tomorrow.

I go see Tillie tomorrow and should have plenty to catch her up on. I am still staying off the Cokes so that is good. I may go grocery shopping after i take my youngest to dance class.  Figure out what to do for tonight quickly while I shop.

I don’t really want to go back to bed but I don’t feel like doing anything else.  I guess I will sign off and see what I can come up with to do that is productive.  Hope everyone else is having a happy new week–the first Monday of the new year! 🙂



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