Wild Afternoon

I was taking my youngest daughter to dance yesterday when I ran over something in the road and my tire started to thunk.  I thought it had gone flat–I pulled over into a parking lot and looked–it wasn’t flat but it was hissing.  So I went to the new tire place and wound up with two new tires and a battery. I went ot the grocery store and grabbed dinner and came hoe and cooked–Bob had come and taken the youngest to dance himself so that was taken care of.  But it was a mess.

And this morning my throat still hurts even worse and I cancelled my dentist’s appointment until it gets better and I go see Tillie in just a few minutes. Before I could leave, Blue Apron delivered our food package for the week and it was the wrong food–had fish products in it.  SO I had to give it away to a neighbor.  They were very appreciative and may become customers.  We will see.

I hope seeing Tillie calms me down.  I feel so bad.  I hope seeing Dr. Morris we can solve whatever is going on in my throat.

Bob just called–sounds like he is having just as much fun as I am :).  He wants to go eat comfort food with me after my appointment.  So we will see what is going on with him. I hope he’s all right.

Well I need to run.  Hope everyone has a good day and pray I can get some answers to y recurring throat problem.

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