Yesterday wound up being a long empty day and today is looking like more of the same.  I just couldn’t get comfortable with myself yesterday. I didn’t want ot sleep the day away so I stayed awake but wound up pacing a lot.

My people picking up my furniture didn’t get out in the bad weather yesterday so I am waiting on them again today. We will see what happens. I am already hungry for lunch and I want something substantial. Probably will still just have a sandwich and what not. I am still staying away from the cokes and am noticing a difference in my pants being looser already. So we will see how that turns out.

I need to do my reading and schoolwork but am dawdling about doing it. I have my writing assignment done and need to post it soon but I am just not into all the reading we are having to do.

WEll, if I’m not going to do it now I am going back to bed, I think. We will see how the day goes. Hope everyone else is making it better. Have a good day.


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