Good Morning!

I’ve had a busy morning with phone calls and work to be done so that has been good.  Talked to people for my stories for MCIR and got some good information to use on both my story about the missing person and on my followup story about the disability office. We’re getting ready to meet Bob for lunch, me and my youngest. She is off school today for MLK Day.  I’ve not seem much of her–she has been upstairs all morning playing and doing her own thing..

HAd a wonderful weekend–my youngest went to the first dance competition of the year in Hattiesburg and her troupe won first place in their group so she was excited. And yesterday I went to Oxford, MS to the University of Mississippi campus and accepted an award from the Mississippi Theatre Association for my play “1-800-273-TALK”.  I rode up with Candy (Bob and the youngest were still in Hattiesburg for the dance clinic) and we had a good time visiting and attending the awards. It was an exciting day.

My mood is good since the sun is finally out.  It was sunny all day for our trip yesterday so that was good, and today it looks just as nice. I can hear birds chirping outside and have Kenny G on the stereo so all is good in my world so far today.  Hope everyone has a good beginning to their week and has a successful week as well!  I have an idea for a new writing project and will see what I can do on it later today!




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