Still Sick, 3rd Verse

Dr. Morris is a bit mystified as to why I keep coming back with this same garbage in my throat.  Today he said it was worse than ever, plus I had pinkeye! So I am going to stay as inactive as possible today and this afternoon and save up my strength for when I have to take my youngest to dance. I simply feel awful and do not know what to do.

So far I have spent much of January sick and I just want to get back to normal. I just took Nyquil since it seems to be the only thing that stops y throat from actively hurting so I likely will go back to bed soon.

Please pray that not only will I get better, that I will not catch it again after this.  Three times is for the birds.




4 thoughts on “Still Sick, 3rd Verse

  1. Healing vibes sent your way. I keep getting sick with colds myself, have been sick most of January too. I really hope your illness goes away soon and doesn’t return.


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