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A Little Sunshine

As I type the sun is trying to poke out from among the clouds.  A welcome sight after all the rain we’ve been having.

I’m going out this morning to meet Jo for brunch/snack/whatever you want to call it.  We’re meeting at the new(ish) bakery in town–she’s never been while I have a few times. We’ll have a good visit nonetheless. Then I’ll go to the grocery store and pick up a few things.

Busy weekend getting going–Bob and my youngest ate going ot a dance competition and clinic Saturday and Sunday in Hattiesburg and I go to the awards ceremony for Mississippi Theatre Association up in Oxford.  So we are both going off but different directions this time.

SO now I need to go. Hope everyone has a good and blessed weekend!



Which is what I’ve been doing all morning.  I was tired, it was rainy and dark outside, and I just slept.  The rain has finally stopped so I am up and moving around now,

They guys came and picked up the furniture from my future office space.  The room is almost completely empty.  Next week I am going to have the painters come in and redo the walls and then have a carpet cleaning service come in and do the carpet and clean the upholstered chairs in the den as well.  A lot to do to get ready, but I want everything to be nice and clean for when I move in  during February.

I’ve found some new pieces I’m going to have framed and put over the couch.  It’s a series of illustrations for a book I did an interview on a very long time ago called Jazz Cats.  It’s cats drawn as members of a jazz combo.  They are so cute and will look good up above the couch.

My mood is still good, sleeping away the day not withstanding.  I need to do my reading and discussion for class today so likely will start on that after lunch.  Hope everyone is having a productive day.



Yesterday wound up being a long empty day and today is looking like more of the same.  I just couldn’t get comfortable with myself yesterday. I didn’t want ot sleep the day away so I stayed awake but wound up pacing a lot.

My people picking up my furniture didn’t get out in the bad weather yesterday so I am waiting on them again today. We will see what happens. I am already hungry for lunch and I want something substantial. Probably will still just have a sandwich and what not. I am still staying away from the cokes and am noticing a difference in my pants being looser already. So we will see how that turns out.

I need to do my reading and schoolwork but am dawdling about doing it. I have my writing assignment done and need to post it soon but I am just not into all the reading we are having to do.

WEll, if I’m not going to do it now I am going back to bed, I think. We will see how the day goes. Hope everyone else is making it better. Have a good day.



My throat is aching again and I’m still on the antibiotic from the last time! So I put in a call to my doctor and hope we can find a way to solve this. I cancelled my dentist appointment again since it’s flared back up and will try again next week.

I’m having the old bedroom furniture in my office space being picked up today by Gateway Thrift Shop–hopefully it can go to someone who needs it.  Then I’m having painters come in next week (I hope) and fix and repaint the walls to it and the adjoining bathroom. So that will be nice.

AAAAnd the computer just ate a large part of my post.  So I will stop typing for now.  Hope everyone has a good day and a good week even with all the weather going on.  Happy Tuesday!

Exciting Weekend

I went and ordered the furniture for my office this weekend.  I ordered a shelving/filing unit and a sleeper sofa.  I lined up someone to come pick up the old furniture, Candy put together my CD case Friday, and all I need now is a new CD player to go in the room so I can play what all I want to as I write!  So happy!

We will see what all happens today.  I go eat lunch with my friend Mary Jane for her birthday today so that is going to be fun. I also need to go to the grocery store and get food for the days I will be cooking and do Bob’s laundry.  He was sick all weekend with the same garbage I had with my throat, but his is staying more sensitive than mine was.  SO I need to figure out something soft for him for supper, I think.  I will talk to him at lunch and see what he might want.

I will run over to the school website really quickly and see what all I have to read this week and see if we have a conference Tuesday. Then I’ll call and talk to Bob and see how he is doing and then start to the restaurant to meet MJ.

My mood is holding now that Bob is feeling better. I got a little desperate yesterday thinking he might need to be home another day and worried yesterday about how he was doing. But he got up today and did well heading out so I am hoping for the best.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week and continues through with the best week yet of 2020 :). Have a good day!


So now Bob seems to have the same bug I did.  His throat is killing him and he is going to the doctor today.  So hopefully they can find out what is wrong with him and get him feeling better.

Candy and Christy are coming over to help me work on the house cleaning up where I just can’t seem to without their help.  We will see how it goes. I have several areas we’ll be working in so hopefully they can help me.

I finished my work for the class–hopefully I did it right.  We will see.  I had a hard time working it all up and hopefully did not miss the mark altogether.

I think my mood is holding well now that I am feeling better. I just hope it doesn’t come back again! I am tired of feeling sick. I am taking my full antibiotic and haven’t missed any does so far. So that is good.

I think I may go ahead and work on other essays for class. Kill some time before they get here,



Feeling Better

FInally I am feeling better.  I am going to go eat lunch out and then go to the grocery store.  I turned in one writing assignment this morning and plan to turn in the other one this afternoon.  Then I will try to start working ahead on assignments.  We will see how they go.

I have Candy and Christy come out tomorrow and help me clean up laundry, the den, my room, and my office space on the table here in the kitchen.  It’s not as hopeless a mess as it was at one point but I am still very weak compared to usual so I’m not sure it can get done without their help.

I need to do some banking while I am out too–I need to draw money out for my tuition for classes and get it sent off.  I just keep reminding myself that I’m almost done.

My mood is holding better now that I don’t feel so sick.  I’m trying to get my mood up even more by listening to happy music and eating out–something tasty instead of a run-of-the-mill sandwich. We will see how it goes.

I am having awful dreams.  I dont’ know why. I just need to calm down and sleep solid and not disturb myself so much I suppose.

It’s going to be a big grocery store trip–there is so much we need. But I am going to try to shop responsibly as well. We will see how that attempt goes, too.  More fruits and what not.

I am so tired of being sick. I want to feel well again and get rid of this crud in my throat. Someday I will make I there. If I’m going to get back before Bob gets home I need to head out.  Hope everyone has a good day and an easy slide into the weekend.


Classes Start Today

And my teacher is hitting the ground running.  And I feel so bad I don’t think I can do any of the assignments yet. I started the coughing last night after midnight and wound up moving to the extra bed since Bob had to open up today. So it’s not been a fun morning so far. I think I need at least an extra week to start feeling good again.

Talked to Tillie yesterday and that went well. I talked to her about my ways to keep improving and about the holidays. I have an appointment in a month so that went well.

My doctor diagnosed me with the same throat infection and gave me a different antibiotic.  I pushed it to get in a day’s worth of doses in yesterday and my throat already feels better. But I still don’t feel good in general.

I think I will at least do the introduction for class so that I feel like I have accomplished something. Pray that I will get to feeling better soon and I won’t get behind in class.

Wild Afternoon

I was taking my youngest daughter to dance yesterday when I ran over something in the road and my tire started to thunk.  I thought it had gone flat–I pulled over into a parking lot and looked–it wasn’t flat but it was hissing.  So I went to the new tire place and wound up with two new tires and a battery. I went ot the grocery store and grabbed dinner and came hoe and cooked–Bob had come and taken the youngest to dance himself so that was taken care of.  But it was a mess.

And this morning my throat still hurts even worse and I cancelled my dentist’s appointment until it gets better and I go see Tillie in just a few minutes. Before I could leave, Blue Apron delivered our food package for the week and it was the wrong food–had fish products in it.  SO I had to give it away to a neighbor.  They were very appreciative and may become customers.  We will see.

I hope seeing Tillie calms me down.  I feel so bad.  I hope seeing Dr. Morris we can solve whatever is going on in my throat.

Bob just called–sounds like he is having just as much fun as I am :).  He wants to go eat comfort food with me after my appointment.  So we will see what is going on with him. I hope he’s all right.

Well I need to run.  Hope everyone has a good day and pray I can get some answers to y recurring throat problem.

Slow Morning

Such a day.  We’ve gotten the Christmas stuff put away finally and are getting ready for my youngest to go back to school tomorrow.  I’ve worked on an essay that I sent a pitch out for the other day–they said it would probably be a month before they responded, and at first I was going to  wait–but I decided what the heck–I may as well write it in my spare time so it will be ready to send if they like the idea.

So I’ve goten a few things accomplished but still not a lot.  I need to go grocery shopping and start on my next story for MCIR but I really do not feel good.  My throat is sore again and I am going back to the doctor tomorrow.  I am going to have him check me for mono.  I have been up and doing but not nearly at my regular pace.  So we will check for that when I go tomorrow.

I go see Tillie tomorrow and should have plenty to catch her up on. I am still staying off the Cokes so that is good. I may go grocery shopping after i take my youngest to dance class.  Figure out what to do for tonight quickly while I shop.

I don’t really want to go back to bed but I don’t feel like doing anything else.  I guess I will sign off and see what I can come up with to do that is productive.  Hope everyone else is having a happy new week–the first Monday of the new year! 🙂