The happiness is continuing–the furniture people came out and fixed my bookshelf and I have written a new article all this morning.  So I am very much in my happy place today.  I’m going to start loading my desk and shelves and files with my stuff after lunch and see what all I can get accomplished.

I need to work on laundry as well but I’m energized enough that that shouldn’t be a problem.  WE go to church tonight and that will be good. The only shadow is that Bob is still not feeling well. I wish eh could get some relief from his bronchial problems. ANd it continuing to rain and flood in Jackson  Luckily we are a long way away from the flood zone. But it just KEEPS RAINING!  No idea on when the water’s going to recede.

WEll. I am going to go start lunch.  I have ben busy and I am hungry.  Still avoiding the Cokes and I feel so good being able to say that. Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!


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