Nothing Doing

I am still at a standstill on writing projects beyond classwork.  I am reading essays this week for class so that will be easy.  Then I’ll have to critique other students’ essays in workshop so that will be a little more difficult.

The dance competition was okay this weekend.  Our team won third in their category for one dance and that was all. But our daughter enjoyed it and had fun with her dance friends so that was nice.  I made it better than usual so that was good as well.

I go see Tillie tomorrow and follow up with her about where things are going. I feel so much better than I did so I think it’s going to be okay. I just want to get though the dangerous period safely and think that going to the doctor as quick as I did helped. He did say one thing that worried me–he said if this new mediciation combo did not work the next step would be ECT.  So that was a little unnerving. That maybe I;m really running out of options here,

But I am doing better so that has been averted for the time being. Always good to know.

I’m going to see what I can get accomplished today.  See you all tomorrow.


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