I am really dissatisfied with the writing I have been putting out in my classwork lately.  It seems that I am sloughing off on the assignments and not putting as much effort into them as usual.  Maybe because I’m not writing in my wheelhouse of mental health? Or in my mental health journey? There’s no one to blame but myself, but I wonder if I am experiencing senioritis or something in that this is the last class before thesis and I am just over being in classes? There’s only a week and a half before spring break, which is the halfway point. I just feel like I am not giving my all in it and wonder why.

Maybe I just need to talk to my professor. I don’t know.

Anyway. I am having a slow morning and looks like a slow afternoon, too. Just laundry this afternoon if  I can get up the energy to do it.  I don’t know if I didn’t sleep good last night or what.

And now I have yawned for five minutes straight. I am really craving the effects of caffeine this morning but so far am holding fast to not getting any, not even tea. So things are still going well in that department. So I guess I will just take today as a mixed bag and deal with it.  Hope everyone has  a good day and a good rest of the week.


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