Livestream Church

Just finished livestreaming our church service this morning and it was so good.  LIstening to the word out of Psalm 34 and learning how David found the peace of God, even in the middle of trouble.  I love that we have the technology to do this and so we can remain in the body of believers even as we are in this time of quarantine.

Bob decided he wanted a burger today for lunch rather than leftovers so  he’s gone out to Sonic.  We will see if they are open.  Our first and second choices for burgers were closed so hopefully he can find what he is looking for.

Of course, since I’m not hungry anymore, I am losing weight.  I’ve lost three pound in the past two weeks.  I’m not quite sure  what to think about that.  I need to lose the weight but not sure I am going to be doing it in a healthy way.

I have one final thing to read for class then it stats all over with conferences on Tuesday where we give a report on our craft paper.  That’s going to be interesting.

I need to call a rural mental health center next week then interview some people about how they are coping with everything and if they’ve had problems getting meds, etc.  I hope to turn this around rather rapidly after I get the answers to some questions from the Department of Mental Health and see what all is going on.

Well, let’s see what today brings.  Hope everyone can have a good day even in these times of uncertainty.





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