Productive Day Ahead?

Hopefully today will be a productive day.  I’ve made phone calls and am waiting to hear back.  Waiting to hear back on emails. So we will see what transpires.

I woke up and it took me ten whole minutes to remember the coronavirus stuff.  Maybe that means I’m not as freaked out about it as I was.  I see my counselor tomorrow; hopefully that will help with the nerves somewhat. It’ll be my first time out of the house in a while. I think I may go out later and get groceries after I’m done with my phone calls.

My youngest has started in on homeschooling with her classes on computer.  I asked if she needed any help and she said no so I am leaving her to it. I hope she does well and the courses do continue well online.  It’s that way until April 17 and maybe longer depending on what happens. I so hope they do cancel state testing; that will be a big relief to everyone.

Need to check in with my class and see what is lined up for this week.  I am so ready to be done and start in seriously on my thesis.  That’s going to be hard in a different way–I’m going to have to discipline myself to write on a schedule and get things done on time so it will be ready for revisions by fall.  That is the hope anyway,

I need to figure something out for dinner. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember the basics.  I think I will pick up meat at the store. Something different.  If there is any meat left.

Hope everyone is having a good beginning to their week. I am managing well so far. We will see what happens over the week and see how our nation goes. Pray for all the sickened and those who don’t yet know they’re sick.


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