So now I’ve gotten enough phone calls to do my story, I think.  I’ll start work on it this afternoon after lunch,  i haven’t got myself enough together to get dressed  from sleeping yet, but I have been busy, so that’s okay.

This high-level weirdness can’t go on forever. But we’ve just at the leading edge of the illness–Anthony who works with Bob’s office with the parent company now has the virus and they’ve had to isolate two of their salesmen who had contact with him.  So it is starting to hit close to home here.

i am very sleepy this morning.  All the phone calls have kept me awake, but I really don’t think I slept well.

Well, I guess I will start working on my story.  I need something to keep me out of the bed this afternoon. Quarantine just is nerve-wracking rather than exciting, I think.  If I had younger kids I know I’d be busier but that’s not the case any more.  God bless you all.



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