Day Whatever

I haven’t completely lost track of days–I do know it’s THursday.  But time is taking forever to pass.  I did finish my story for MCIR and now have to do my essay for class.  But I’ll likely work on that tomorrow.  I have two choices in my head to write on so I am thinking about that. My youngest seems to be adapting to online school so I am glad of that.  I also filled out our census form online.  So that was fun.  Luckily we got the short form.  Last time we got the long one and that was a pain to fill out.

I’ve stayed away from news and social media this morning while I was doing my story. SO I will need to check on that in just a bit. My friend Ren got married yesterday!  She was planning a formal wedding in June and they just decided things were too unsettled so they had a small family ceremony.  I think it was smart of them to do.

Hopefully we have “flattened the curve” in Mississippi.  We’re not seeing that many cases here; my parents’ county just had its first case and it’s someone I went to high school with.  So that kind of hits close to home.  New York and its tri-state area are really in a bad way.  That’s where things are getting scary bad.

My mood is holding this week–I think seeing Tillie helped a lot.  Got a couple more months before I get out of my danger zone but considering everything I am holding up well. We will see what happens from here on out.  Hope everyone reading is doing well.  Godspeed.





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