Writing Against the Fear

I’m finally back to the point that I can lose myself in the writing again.  Even if I’m writing about coronavirus, I can forget about the fear while I’m typing. That is a blessing so I am not just worrying all the time.

Last night I got stuck worrying about my dad. He has diabetes and smoked for a long time when I was young. If he gets sick he’ll need treatment at the VA and I got stuck wondering how we would get him TO the hospital if he caught this mess. Mom can’t drive that far anymore and I wouldn’t want her to try. Who could do it? My sister and brother-in-law have two young children, my husband is sick enough with upper respiratory allergies as it is. I could do it but how to quarantine myself after that? This is literally putting-your-head-in-the-lion’s-mouth kind of choices. All I can do is pray.

I convinced my editor to let me do a personal column on my handling of the stress of coronavirus by writing about my therapy appointment I had Tuesday.  She just wrote back and said she loved it.  So that makes me happy. I just want to help people all I can. I don’t know when it will run but we will see.

My daughter is doing her online school.  She seems  to be handling it all well–I know she misses her friends a lot and I worry about the hole put in her schooling.  But all I can do there is offer help and accept it when she says no.

I guess that is all I have to write today. Pray for all of those who are sickened with this virus and pray that our heathcare system and those around the world can hold up to this crisis.  Godspeed.



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