Breaking Down

I had an ugly-cry with God yesterday on the way home from the grocery store.  I just prayed for the safety of everyone in my family and cried driving home in the car.  I had heard a sad song on the radio and it broke loose all the grief I was holding inside. Very helpful in a way that it got my fears out into the open with God. And I did better throughout the day.

I need to work on laundry today and my essay as well.  I think I don’t understand the assignment; I was going to do one topic and then I read someone else’s paper they had already posted and I think either I missed the point or he did. I’m not sure.

My editors loved my column on my therapy appointment. I think it’s going to help people to see that everyone has to find their own way to cope but there’s no shame in asking for help. Especially right now.

I just found out one of my fellow MFAers from the original class has breast cancer.  She’s going to start radiation soon, which tells me it’s a bit serious, that they’re going ahead with it in this atmosphere. Such scary news all around us.

I hope everyone reading is continuing to be safe and sound and careful.  It’s all we can ask fro now as we move deeper into this pandemic.  Godspeed.



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