Late Morning

I am trying so hard to wake up. But it’s hard this morning. I’m not sure why. Bob left early and forgot to turn off the second alarm so I originally woke up at 6:30 a.m.  Couldn’t think of any reason for getting up that early so I didn’t.  Now it’s lunch time and I am still struggling to wake up. 

I need to go to the pharmacy today and get some meds filled so I will be doing that after lunch time.

I thought I was getting sick yesterday. I sneezed and sneezed and my nose ran all afternoon.  Finally at night I took two benadryl and put a stop to it.  Now I’m not having any trouble at all.  So I don’t know what kicked that off but I am certainly glad it went away.

I cant think of anything useful to say today. My mood is holding even though I’m so sleepy. We are sheltering-in-place as much as we can with everything going on and glad to hear that these guidelines are in place until the end of April now.  Maybe people can be saved by them. I’m starting to see people talk about losing loved  ones to the virus  and it’s just crushing. So sad. ope everyone reading is well and taken care of.  Godspeed.




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