Just Trying to Get Through the Days

SLow start again today. But better than yesterday. My stories came out yesterday in MCIR’s website so that was nice.  One was already picked up by Mississippi Business Journal, so that was nice. I told Bob to be on the lookout if the Clarion-Ledger runs it this week, and he said he would try. They’re having a crazy time at work–the power company said it will be working in the area and there may be outages so they are not excited about that.

ALl the doom and gloom is not helping my mood any, especially when I know this is really a problem and not something just ginned up by the media. People are really sick, even back home where my mom and dad are. They don’t get out a lot but Daddy especially hates it when told he has to stay home. So he has been out riding in his hot rod lately just cruising around, not bothering people, just driving some.  My sister is home–her job has ended for the time being and she has the kids so they get a break that way.

I am trying to keep my friendships going online and that is helping.  There’s not much to talk about other than the crisis, but it helps with the isolation. I need to work on my other stories and look for some more but it’s difficult to think sometimes. I just want to turn my brain off and sleep. I am really trying to fight that but ti’s getting harder and harder. I need to go to the drugstore today so I will do that after Candy leaves.

I guess I will wind up and move on to doing something else. Please pray that everyone can be safe and stay well throughout this illness.  Godspeed.



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