So Much For Goofing Off

I have a needed story I’ve come across for MCIR so I am furiously working on getting all the information for that together.  And the involved parties are so afraid of releasing information–it’s like there’s a nuclear meltdown is going on and no one wants to be blamed for it. Which I understand up to a point–it’s going to make the department look bad.  But the information will out. I’ll just keep asking until I hit upon the correct person to tell me.

Today is my middle daughter’s twenty-first birthday, I called her when she texted that she had made it to Starkville and wished her a happy birthday. She was getting ready to unpack her car from all her time in Georgia. SO that sounds like an all day job.  But her grandparents are up there so they were going to get her Harvey’s takeout and let her come to their house and pick it up outside while they are inside so she would have something nice for her birthday.

I’ve lost some more weight. I think I’ve lost almost ten pounds since spring break. I will be the only person who comes out of quarantine lighter than I went in.  I still haven’t ever been hungry. I wonder if it’s something I need to bring up to my doctor next week.

They are starting to make official noise about opening up Disney World again in June, so my oldest should get her job back, I hope.  At one point they were talking about using a seniority system to call people back, which would probably leave her out of work still for a while.  So we will see. I will keep praying.

SO let me start making more phone calls on my story and see if I can find people who will talk. Good luck to me.  Hope everyone is safe and well.  Godspeed.





Class is DONE! On to THESIS!

SO celebrating being done with classes by goofing off the rest of the week from writing (unless a serious story with MCIR comes along). Then I start on Monday refining everything I’ve already done with my story about bipolar and polishing it up to go in a memoir-in-essays for a rough draft that I can give to my advisor the first of school in August so we can do another round of polishing and rearranging of material in the best way possible. I am really looking forward to that.

Wow.  I’m not going to know what to do with myself once i finish school.  It’s been my life for the past five years.  I hope I  have learned enough to write a compelling piece about my life with bipolar and that I can then start another revision before shopping it to agents and see what can be done with that.

SO we will see what is happening by then.  Maybe by the time I defend, the coronavirus will become something we can  live with like the flu.  I hope so.  I know states are starting to open up their economies but I don’t think  we’re through with this particular bug.  We will see.

Already starting to be more productive in the house–I folded and put away laundry today instead of just letting it pile up in the laundry room.  We will see how long that lasts.  I need to go to the grocery store this afternoon after  lunch and see about getting some staples and some short term things as well. I’ll put my mask on like a good citizen and then go out.  I think we are going to continue to shelter -in-place informally through the summer in case the second wave they are talking about comes through.

So one more milestone down.  I am so very happy. Next year this time I will have my thesis turned in to my committee and be getting ready to defend.

Hope everyone is doing well today. Hope you and your are safe. Godspeed.



It’s my oldest’s birthday today–she’s 24. I will call her later today and see how it is going, then likely wrap her presents for shipping to her new address.  We don’t have a lot to send, but some things she can actually use will help her out.  Sending one fun thing so we hope she enjoys it. I wish she had better circumstances for it. But God has a plan for her life and hopefully it will be fully revealed for the moment as quickly as it can be.

I finished my last revision so I am done with class unless I go back and do a couple of homework assignments I missed.  I still have time to do that before Thursday. We will see how I feel later today.  Posted the paper this morning.  Mostly rearranged rather than revised with new material. But I did what I could considering my general state of mind lately. I am going to take the rest of the week off from writing except here then start on the thesis material next Monday.

My mood is doing well today.  I’m still waiting on my insurance company to approve my new medication Latuda. I will try and give them a call today–last time I talked with them was Thursday.  So I may wait until Thursday again.  So frustrating.

Feels so good to be mostly done with class.  If I do anything else it will be to shore up my class participation grade. Which is important. So I will see what do I do. I will try to get done with that before Bob comes home for lunch.  Hope everyone is staying safe and well through this difficult time.


Update on Bob

He went to work today–I woke up with him and asked how he felt and he said a lot better–no chills or anything.  Now we’ll see how he does throughout the day, but he seemed all right this morning.  Crisis averted.

I turned in one assignment this morning and will be turning in another I hope tomorrow to go ahead and get done with it.  Give me a good break from writing so I can rest up for thesis.

Woke up really late this morning so that was not fun and is why I’m posting so late. I just slept and slept.  I need to do laundry so I don’t get behind. More than I already am, that is. We will see what gets done today.

Days like this I mourn for the normal we had just a few months ago. I think this crisis has exposed how fragile our freedom really is, and that the current brand of politicians we have, both parties, have exposed themselves as not caring about anything but power over our lives. It’s worse in some states than in others, but the fact that my husband has to carry a letter in his car allowing him to be out on the roads is a sin against freedom.  And they are not going to hand back freedom very readily if the current atmosphere is anything to go by.

WEll. I have more to do tan I’m probably going to get done so I need to run.  Hope everyone is safe and having a good day.  Godspeed.



Well. . .

Bob is coughing with chills so I went all over town tis morning trying to find a new thermometer so we could see if he was feverish and there were no thermometers to be found, just like the news says.  I even went to gas stations that sell Advil and other travel-size pharmaceuticals and couldn’t find one.  I even went to the baby section of Wal-mart and couldn’t find one.  So we don’t know what’s going on with him yet.  He said if he still felt bad tomorrow he would go to the doctor. So we will see how that turns out. Pray that it isn’t coronavirus. I repented to God of anything I’ve ever done in my entire life this morning and prayed that he wouldn’t have coronavirus.

I have one more week of school–turning in my half-done quotebook and the revision for my final essay.  Then I will take off the weekend and start on the rough draft of my thesis in earnest.  See how it goes.

I wish there was some way he could go to a doctor today and just see if e’s all right. We are distancing from him–I’m in my office and our youngest is in her room. My middle one is back in Georgia for her last week of work then going to Starkville to get ready for her May class. All her summer classes are going to be online–I hope there’s a way we can safely open the schools this fall.

My mood is holding even though I’m terrified of Bob being sick. I’m about to go put dinner in the crockpot so we can eat tonight. I am so tired of worrying about everything. I need to give up the worrying and just know that this is what it is and God is in control.


Staying In

We are staying in this morning to see if Bob can get better from his allergies.  He’s probably going to take our youngest driving his afternoon so she can practice some more,  Bob says she is picking up on things fairly well so far in s t how to drive  Hopefully she will turn out to be a good driver like our other two.

Our governor opened up retail establishments  as long as they operate at half capacity.  Everything else is still closed up like churches, restaurants, the casinos, etc. So not much has changed down here. We’re just trying to do our best with what we have to work with.  I hate it but we’re probably going to be secluded at least through when school is officially out for the summer.  See how everything develops.

I had to go get meds refilled this morning.  Not hard–I had a prescription on file so it wasn’t too difficult.  I wrote my blog post on how I am staying in touch with my treatment teams through all this; and the editor said she had not heard of anyone else doing an article on such, so she really wanted that one. I wrote it yesterday and sent it off this morning.  Hope they do like it and run it early.

My mood is still holding up well right now. No one in my family is sick so that is a blessing. Not everyone is doing that well. I just want the excessive fear to abate somewhat. Just a little sanity instead of hysteria like we had at first. And i was just as guilty as the next person of it. I’m not ashamed to admit it; I was really panicked. But maybe since it hasn’t turned out to be so awful as they predicted maybe we can relax now.


Good News in my Inbox

BP Magazine wants me to do another two blog posts for May!  SO that was nice news to see this morning. One on maintaining access to my treatment team during the quarantine time and another on staying positive through all of this. So that will be nice to work on today.

My mom woke me up this morning calling to see what we were up to. My youngest is doing school work and I have laundry to work on so I think I can stay busy today. I have my last schoolwork due next week so then I will be officially done with the semester. Then the FUN part begins–organizing and writing my thesis. I am looking forward to it but I’m just going to have to break it down into individual assignments so it doesn’t overwhelm me.

My mood is holding pretty good this morning.  I need to get dressed and start my day but I am feeling good so far. The addition of Welbutrin seems to have done what it was needed to do and get me through this stressful time. I wonder if it will ever really end.  Now that the virus is loose I don’t think we’ll ever be without it but maybe we can develop some effective treatments for it if not a vaccine.

I’m not so naive as to think life will suddenly go back to normal.  All I want is for my family to be safe, to go back to church, and my kids able to get back to work, college, school, etc.  If we can achieve that level of normalcy I will be fine with wearing masks all my life and staying six feet away from strangers.

SO i need to run get laundry going and doing something resembling work.  Hope everyone is safe out there.  Godspeed.


Late Sleeper

I woke up late this morning.  We had a tornado form over Brandon last night and the sirens were going off something awful at 2 am.  We lost power form 10:30 at night until sometime around 6:45 this morning. But there doesn’t seem to be any reports of damage anywhere. Maybe we finally dodged a bullet as a state.

Our coronavirus numbers keep climbing–particularly the one I’m most worried about; the rate of new infections.  They have been talking about easing up the lockdown in Mississippi but I don’t think it should happen so soon, not until that number starts dropping lower.  Luckily the kids are out of school until August so that will keep my youngest safe.

I’ve got to work on a paper today and try to turn it in.  It won’t be workshopped, just evaluated by the professor.  I am so tired of this class. But I’m almost done so that is a victory over myself worth savoring.  I just need to get some positive energy going for the summer so I can write that rough draft of my thesis to turn in at the first of school in August.

My mood is holding today.  I am eating leftover pizza for lunch and drinking sweet tea. Maybe I will get more accomplished than usual. I hope so.


Lockdown Continues

I’m not quite eaten up with cabin fever, but it is wearing on me.  I wish I could still read.  But that ability has been shot too long for me to even remember what reading for pleasure was like.  I am so tired of this, though. I miss seeing my favorite people. I haven’t seen my parents since my youngest one’s birthday party in February.  I haven’t seen any of my friends in so long or heard from them that I wonder if we were really friends to start with.

They say things will start opening up in Mississippi next week, with phase I restrictions. I don’t know what that means–I know the kids aren’t going back to school this year and that will continue through May.  We will probably still stay home a good bit during the day until school is over to keep my youngest on track with her schoolwork. And to make sure the virus has been shut down in Mississippi as much as it ever will be.

I just hope my oldest one can go back to work soon. They say Disney is planning on a June 1 reopening and they may call people back early to start preparing. I don’t know so much that she will be called back early because of food’s short shelf life, but probably at least a few days ahead of that they will need her?  I don’t know.  It’s been very frustrating for her from all I know.

Still so much to go through ahead of us.  We will see what the future holds when it gets here and not a second before.  Hope everyone is safe and well.


Another Day

Me and my mom are talking just about every day now–she’s trying to amuse herself without my sister’s kids to occupy her, and I call to check up on how they are feeling.  They’re getting very restless about the stay at home order in Mississippi–Daddy is using the time to sleep so she really doesn’t have a lot to do to occupy herself.  I’m just glad they are paying attention to it and not trying to get around it.

I go see Tillie in a while so that will be my trip out for the day.  My mood is already better with the Welbutrin, which is why I picked it out when y doctor asked me what antidepressant has worked well for me.  It always lifts me up pretty quickly.  So we will see how that goes.

My middle one may come home here or she may go straight to Starkville.  She hasn’t made up her mind yet.  I would like to see her but I understand her concern about getting into trouble for unnecessary travel. So we will wait and see what she decides after this weekend.

I guess I will close out and get ready to go. Hope everyone is staying safe and staying well. See you all tomorrow.  Godspeed.