Another Day

Me and my mom are talking just about every day now–she’s trying to amuse herself without my sister’s kids to occupy her, and I call to check up on how they are feeling.  They’re getting very restless about the stay at home order in Mississippi–Daddy is using the time to sleep so she really doesn’t have a lot to do to occupy herself.  I’m just glad they are paying attention to it and not trying to get around it.

I go see Tillie in a while so that will be my trip out for the day.  My mood is already better with the Welbutrin, which is why I picked it out when y doctor asked me what antidepressant has worked well for me.  It always lifts me up pretty quickly.  So we will see how that goes.

My middle one may come home here or she may go straight to Starkville.  She hasn’t made up her mind yet.  I would like to see her but I understand her concern about getting into trouble for unnecessary travel. So we will wait and see what she decides after this weekend.

I guess I will close out and get ready to go. Hope everyone is staying safe and staying well. See you all tomorrow.  Godspeed.


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