Late Sleeper

I woke up late this morning.  We had a tornado form over Brandon last night and the sirens were going off something awful at 2 am.  We lost power form 10:30 at night until sometime around 6:45 this morning. But there doesn’t seem to be any reports of damage anywhere. Maybe we finally dodged a bullet as a state.

Our coronavirus numbers keep climbing–particularly the one I’m most worried about; the rate of new infections.  They have been talking about easing up the lockdown in Mississippi but I don’t think it should happen so soon, not until that number starts dropping lower.  Luckily the kids are out of school until August so that will keep my youngest safe.

I’ve got to work on a paper today and try to turn it in.  It won’t be workshopped, just evaluated by the professor.  I am so tired of this class. But I’m almost done so that is a victory over myself worth savoring.  I just need to get some positive energy going for the summer so I can write that rough draft of my thesis to turn in at the first of school in August.

My mood is holding today.  I am eating leftover pizza for lunch and drinking sweet tea. Maybe I will get more accomplished than usual. I hope so.


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