Well. . .

Bob is coughing with chills so I went all over town tis morning trying to find a new thermometer so we could see if he was feverish and there were no thermometers to be found, just like the news says.  I even went to gas stations that sell Advil and other travel-size pharmaceuticals and couldn’t find one.  I even went to the baby section of Wal-mart and couldn’t find one.  So we don’t know what’s going on with him yet.  He said if he still felt bad tomorrow he would go to the doctor. So we will see how that turns out. Pray that it isn’t coronavirus. I repented to God of anything I’ve ever done in my entire life this morning and prayed that he wouldn’t have coronavirus.

I have one more week of school–turning in my half-done quotebook and the revision for my final essay.  Then I will take off the weekend and start on the rough draft of my thesis in earnest.  See how it goes.

I wish there was some way he could go to a doctor today and just see if e’s all right. We are distancing from him–I’m in my office and our youngest is in her room. My middle one is back in Georgia for her last week of work then going to Starkville to get ready for her May class. All her summer classes are going to be online–I hope there’s a way we can safely open the schools this fall.

My mood is holding even though I’m terrified of Bob being sick. I’m about to go put dinner in the crockpot so we can eat tonight. I am so tired of worrying about everything. I need to give up the worrying and just know that this is what it is and God is in control.


2 thoughts on “Well. . .

  1. See if you can get a phone call or video call with a doctor as some offices have on call staff for after hours and weekends. Around here there’s a physician exchange in cases where an office is small enough it doesn’t have staff to cover after hours calls.


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