So Much For Goofing Off

I have a needed story I’ve come across for MCIR so I am furiously working on getting all the information for that together.  And the involved parties are so afraid of releasing information–it’s like there’s a nuclear meltdown is going on and no one wants to be blamed for it. Which I understand up to a point–it’s going to make the department look bad.  But the information will out. I’ll just keep asking until I hit upon the correct person to tell me.

Today is my middle daughter’s twenty-first birthday, I called her when she texted that she had made it to Starkville and wished her a happy birthday. She was getting ready to unpack her car from all her time in Georgia. SO that sounds like an all day job.  But her grandparents are up there so they were going to get her Harvey’s takeout and let her come to their house and pick it up outside while they are inside so she would have something nice for her birthday.

I’ve lost some more weight. I think I’ve lost almost ten pounds since spring break. I will be the only person who comes out of quarantine lighter than I went in.  I still haven’t ever been hungry. I wonder if it’s something I need to bring up to my doctor next week.

They are starting to make official noise about opening up Disney World again in June, so my oldest should get her job back, I hope.  At one point they were talking about using a seniority system to call people back, which would probably leave her out of work still for a while.  So we will see. I will keep praying.

SO let me start making more phone calls on my story and see if I can find people who will talk. Good luck to me.  Hope everyone is safe and well.  Godspeed.




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