That’s mostly what I am doing with these first few articles about my bipolar right now.  They’re articles I did for Defying Shadows, and I am rearranging and placing bits in time relation to each other.  Some of them are more personal than others.  I’m 10,000+words in already just doing that.  And it gives me a feeling of accomplishing something on the project.  When I have all the words in sequence in front of me, then I can start filling in blanks in July and figure out how to tie  it all together.

We have a big elephant in the room we’re not talking about.  Bob went for a coranovirus test yesterday, and he doesn’t get the results until Friday.  His chest pain is worse as is his shortness of breath and coughing. So we are stuck waiting around and seeing what the future is bringing.  He is isolated at home until he hears something so he is off work.

Well, I need to get ready for the day so I will sign off,  Pray that Bob’s test is negative and that this is just a worsening reaction to his allergies.  Godspeed.


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