Still Waiting

I don’t know how much more waiting my heart can take.

I went for my cholesterol check up this morning and they praised me for losing so much weight.  Officially I weighed in at 225. ONly 100 more pounds to go!

I plan to finish breakfast and then start in on my thesis work for today.

This waiting is working on Bob’s nerves too. He is very quiet and keeping to himself, playing computer games in our bedroom. I suppose that will have to be life if he tests positive and has a mild case of it.

I spent the other afternoon putting up pictures on the walls of my office. I put up diplomas  and other pictures. I have some other things I want to frame and put up in here too, but I’ll have to wait for that store to open back up after the quarantine.

I’m looking forward to my thesis work today. Every day I open up a new essay not knowing what’s in it so it is a surprise to see what I will be working on each day.  I’ve bounced around a lot in the timeline so I’ve seen myself at different points in my illness, which is why I’m doing it this way. Makes it more fun to be a surprise every day.

SO I’d better get going or it will be lunchtime before I finish.  Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.  Godspeed.



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