Post on BPHope Today!

My May post for went up today about maintaining access to my treatment team during the pandemic. She edited it a bit so that was all right.  I’m very proud of the work I am doing for them.  I already sent in my June entry so we will see what they do with that.

My youngest goes back to dance for the first time since Spring Break today.  She is having a private lesson in tap. They start regular dance practice again next Monday but not the competition team. The girl that handles the competition team just had a baby so all of that is on hold until the fall, I believe. If she brings it back at all. We will see.

I was so hoping life could go back to normal in fall but more and more it looks like people will still be at home as late as July. I don’t know what they’re going to do about school here. I hope the kids can go back if there’s not a rebound infection wave. I hope my oldest can avoid getting sick when she goes back to work. Florida hasn’t had many cases in proportion to their population so maybe it won’t happen there. So much we don’t know.

I will go get ready for my day. Start laundry, get dressed, then do thesis work until around lunchtime. I am so glad I still have a project to work on to keep me occupied. I need to look into doing my formal Thesis Proposal soon; I may need to work with y advisor on that for mid-July. Anyway. Hope everyone is safe today.    


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