Loose Ends

So now I don’t know what to do with my writing time. I will continue to write here, and I think I have another project that will take up June. So it won’t be too tough, I don’t think.

I so hope my insurance company approves Latuda.  I’ll continue to take it since so far as I can tell, I am in remission again, thank the heavens. Otherwise I wouldn’t have pulled off that book in a month. So I am feeling very good about my mental health right now. But it is obscene that it will eat every bit and then some of my benefit check from Social Security. I need to find some way of writing about this–but finding someone to interview about their experience will be very difficult, I think.

But I can give it a try.

Let’s see what we can get going on.  Hopefully everything will continue to keep coming together and I can do the story I’ve already contracted for and maybe this one on medication prices as well.  Wish me well.

Hope everyone continues to be safe from the virus and is doing well.  Thanks for all your support here. Godspeed.


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