New Ideas

I had three new ideas percolate up from my brain for stories for the MCIR so I will start work on those Monday. I had wondered last time what I was going to do with June but my editor liked all three ideas so there went that. And I’m glad too because I was so bored yesterday.

Today is going to be an easy day–Bob and my youngest are going driving for a while and we will go eat lunch at Primos’ today. THen not sure what we’re going to to do.  My youngest discovered a coloring scrapbook/journal in her room while cleaning out and has been filling it in the past few days.  SO she has been occupying herself well.

I found out how to make my office CD player go on repeat after finishing a CD. This will make my life so much better not having to get up and switch out CD’s all the time; I can just let it roll over and keep playing, and I’ll keep typing. (I’m all about such small victories now.)

I told Bob yesterday that it was so nice to go about my days feeling blessedly normal. He agreed. I hope to stay like this for quite some time. Watching out for mania as well as depression, but not have anything imminent lurking over the horizon in either department. Doesn’t mean I can’t still speak out on these issues, but it means I can do so from a wellness space instead of a illness one.

Guess I will sign off for the day and see what I can do to get ready for the day. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Godspeed.



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