Going to see my oldest (and meet her boyfriend for the first time) this morning! WE have CD’s picked out, bags almost packed, and have woken up everyone for the trip.  So we are moving along well. I am going to pack up the last of my meds once I take them this morning and I should be good to go. Hope everyone else has a safe and happy Fourth of July!



Clean Hair

Just washed my hair early this morning and got a load of laundry started.  So I’ve been productive already. I’ll do laundry and clean and pack and interview someone this morning so that’s going to be busy.

Reread my thesis proposal I sent my program director and found three typos.  I am so embarrassed.  I’ll fix it and resend it this morning while waiting for laundry to dry.

I had told Tillie in my counseling session that Bob was not a person who would notice that I was going manic because he wanted so desperately for me to be well that he would just think that was what was happening, I want that too.  But I need to learn how to get that distinction made for my health so something like this won’t happen again.

I told TIllie something else–that this year reminded me so much of 2005 in that the hits just kept coming and coming–and how I reacted when I finally broke down was a manic episode instead of a depressive one.  This year has been the same way–and i reacted with a manic episode again.  We need to remember this.

Hope everyone has a good day. Stay safe as you can. Godspeed.

Sorry to be Late

I left my computer on all night again so I had to wait for it to recharge so I could get back online.   Getting in full gear to leave for vacation.  I need to pack and we are putting various things together to take with us.

Our family stereo finally cut out.  I noticed that the radio was cutting out and realized that our antenna must be dead.  Then I started hearing CD’s skip that were perfectly good in my office CD player.  We really wondered if we would be able to find a new one that played CD’s and offered a five-disc option.  I went online at Best Buy and found one made by the exact same brand and looked exactly the same except it was black. So that was a fortuitous discovery and we are going to order one when we get back. The old one is fifteen and a half years old so if the new one lasts as long that will be cool.

I am managing well so far today. I tried the new air fryer to cook chicken drumsticks.  After twenty minutes they were nowhere near done so we wound up going out for Mexican. Now Bob and my youngest are going to practice driving and I am catching up on all my online stuff.

My middle one comes home tomorrow and we will enjoy taking her on vacation with us. My oldest is still off work for Disney and will go running around with us.  And she heard she was finally going to get an unemployment check next week.  Whether it is a back payment or just the start of weekly payments we don’t know  But she was so relieved to hear that and and have an answer to prayer.

I am getting concerned about not hearing from my program director about my thesis proposal. i know he is out of the office because the campus is still offering virtual classes only.  But we will see what happens when July kicks off.  They’re doing another virtual residency next month so certainly he can get to it around then.

I will take a hiatus from the blog likely starting Wednesday and starting back Monday,  July 6.  If you’d like, you can go rummaging around in the archives and see how my story started. I’d actually love it if you did that to see how far I have come.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and hope the week goes well for everyone as well.  Thanks for reading!





My oldest decided she wanted us to bring her some new books to read so I am going to dig into her room and find the set of books she wanted. At some point this morning.  Right now I am trying to wake up.

I am wondering what to do if everyone I have contacted for this story calls after I leave for my trip. I know that won’t happen because it’s Fourth of July week and everyone will be out just like me. So we will see. I’ve already sent out my personal column to my editor and hope it will be good enough to run.

I can’t wait to get back into my thesis. I’ll do light revision–fix things that are obviously wrong or not covered enough and try to straighten out the timeline. I’ll save the heavy stuff for when my advisor gets it. I want help from her to 1) straighten out how it should be told and 2) make the language more interesting and lyrical.  RIght now it’s very much a facts-based narrative as I remember them.  But since operating only on my memories is part of the craft decision I have made ( since I’m not including research or interviewing people about what they remember) I can afford to take more license with the language and how it’s put together.

We had a nice anniversary yesterday. I gave Bob his present after my youngest went to be–a collection of Louis L’amour lost stories, notes, marginalia, etc. put together by L’amour’s son. My present has been hanging on the wall ever since we got it.  And we’re going out to eat tonight on a date to celebrate as well.  So it should be fun.

WEll. I need to get ready for the day and get to looking for those books. Hope everyone is staying safe and being careful with their health.  Thanks for reading!





Taking Care of Myself

I am relearning to take good care of myself and my body. There’s a whole laundry list of things I had stopped doing that to most people are routine maintenance. Body shaving, brushing my teeth, wearing pretty-smelling body spray, washing my hair regularly, etc.  I know that all sounds gross, but I could not be bothered doing any of it because I felt I wasn’t worth taking care of. But I am changing my thinking by changing my actions.

I go see Tillie in a bit. I’m not even sure my youngest is up yet.  I’ve been through my email and etc. and nothing new.  I will make more phone calls when I get in from my appointment and see if I can get anyone to answer questions over the phone.

I have enough to write A story, but not enough to tell the WHOLE story.  Which I think is important. I don’t want to minimize the problem but also want to tell all sides of the issue and what everyone is doing to take care of the issue.  THere is in fact a lot of help out there for people that needs to be highlighted.

So we will see what comes of it all.  Now I need to run wash my hair before I go out,  Hope everyone has a good day and is staying safe. Godspeed.

Vacation Coming

Our vacation is coming soon. I hope to get my story in order by tomorrow.  Maybe late tomorrow, but hopefully people I still have outstanding will call me back.  I am looking forward to seeing my oldest one for the first time in a year and hope we can rally her spirits some. I have my clothes ready to pack, all picked out for the trip.

I go today and see a friend for lunch–my friend Mary Jane.  My youngest will go to the office and work with Bob for the day.  WE will get to the office around 11 and I meet Mary Jane around 11;30. So that will be fun.

My mood is holding–not too high, not too low.  Just right.  :).  I got up with Bob this morning to see him off and finished a bracelet I had started last night.  Then I went back for a little nap. I think I will wind up here and make one more bracelet then take my youngest to work.

Tomorrow is our anniversary!  I already got my present–a fun Snoopy clock for my office wall.  I will give Bob his tomorrow then we go eat out at a snazzy restaurant Saturday night.  I’m looking forward to it. Twenty-seven years.

Well, I need to get going on my day.  Thanks so much for listening. Hope everyone is safe and doing well,

Chipping Away

Finally got a couple of calls back and re-did the telehealth story. Now I wait for more people on the drug story. This is getting frustrating. I’m keeping a running list of the people who have not replied to my overtures and I’m going to include every one of them in the story as not responding.

I finally made a blueberry cobbler with the same recipe sugaring up the fresh fruit.  It was so good!  I had some for breakfast. I’ll leave Bob the rest of it for dessert after lunch or supper.

My mood is holding up well this morning.  I woke up with Bob then fell back asleep until eight a.m. When I get seriously into thesis I can wake up with Bob and use those early hours to revise.

I wonder if I’m just not going to have to drop the drugs story all together. I’m getting more and more frustrated which makes for antagonistic writing. But I think it’s important to highlight a problem people have in staying stable on meds and say something about it.

We will see what happens throughout the day. It’s barely even started. Hope everyone is having a good day and is staying safe. Godspeed.


Fish or Cut Bait

I feel some urgency to work today so we will see if I have the energy to make all the phone calls and read all the material to put together my last two stories. I am so frustrated about this.  No one wants to talk to me about the story on high costs of drugs and when I write the story, they’re going to ay I was unfair to them in not telling their side.  I’m going to make sure i document everyone I called and how they would not return my calls.

Otherwise I feel pretty good today.  I lost some more pounds this weekend so that is good.  I really think it was getting off of Abilify and getting it out of my system is why I’m losing so well in that department.

Candy is here and we’ve been talking.  Christy is coming along well in recovering but the doctor doesn’t want to release her to work just yet.  She is too unsteady on her feet.  My mom called and  wondered what we’ve been up to–I hadn’t called her since Saturday when we went up there so I imagine she was wondering what was going on .

Well. Let’s see what we can get done this morning.  Hope everyone is having a good week. Godspeed.




Doctor’s Visit

The hospital made me a new follow-up visit with Dr, Bishop but didn’t tell him personally why.  I had to break it to him that I had been in the hospital.  He said he had been wondering if I was building up to something the last time I had come in. But we wrote a new prescription for Latuda at the new dose so we will see what happens,  I was there all morning as usual. Now I’m trying to fill out the spots in my story that my editor wants more comment but haven’t gotten in touch with everyone yet. So we will see how the day goes.

I finally finished my formal thesis proposal last night and sent it in this morning,  I just hope I did it right. I don’t know when I’ll hear back from it.  I sent a message to my advisor asking when exactly she wanted me to turn in my rough draft to her–first of August or when the term started. Haven’t heard back from that. SO I have a lot of things churning, just not to where I can finalize them.

It’s been a rainy morning so I kind of want to go back to bed and listen to the rain come down. But I probably won’t.  And that’s a good thing.

Hope everyone has a good day today.  We will see how things will go here this rainy day.  Hope everyone is safe. Godspeed.


Happy Father’s Day!

Just wanted to let everyone know to have a happy Dad’s Day. Bob and us are going out  for lunch at his choice and I will cook a special dinner for him so that will be good.  We picked him up a Batman collection he did not already have so he seems to be having fun looking at that while we are waiting on the restaurant to open.

Yesterday went really reallly well.  We all got along and we all had fun spoiling my new nephew. He got grumpy because he is teething but not too bad. So a lot of fun eas had just being together as a family.

I got another piece selected by Covey Club–I had tried to sell to AARP and missed out.

We are abou o t go.  Everyone have a good day!