Phone Calls

I have put out all my phone calls that I know to do so far for my stories for MCIR.  And I have the zoom call this afternoon for my story on MCIR with everyone involved. So I’ve put all that out to the universe and am just waiting around for return calls.  I got up with Bob this morning and don’t feel sleepy at all. So whatever is going on with me chemically is working.  And I take my last sample pill of Latuda tonight. So we will see what happens.

SO I called BCBS and they said they still hadn’t received the paperwork from Dr. Bishop’s office.  THey called while I was on the line again and reported back that the girl at Dr. Bishop’s  said she hadn’t had time to file it.  SO I called her and was surprisingly polite but was thoroughly angry as well.  I told her I was going to pay the full freight this time but expected it to be resolved by next month.  Next time it will be Bob calling and he will not be nice or polite either.

I am going to ask Debbie if I can do a story on my experience with Abilify a few years ago as a personal column.  We will see how it goes.

I am rereading all my craft books from my bibliography and absorbing all the knowledge they have for rewriting my thesis starting in July.  I will work on where I know it’s weak and see what Ellen Ann says when I give it to her in August.  I need to work on my thesis proposal as well; I will write Dunkleberg and find out exactly when it is due.  So I am staying busy throughout the morning.

Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe.  Hang in there, everyone.



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