Much Better

So we are going to watch church today because I was sick this weekend so we aren’t going in and infecting other people. That will be fine as long as the wi-fi holds out good.

I’m going to work tomorrow on the next two essays to send in and on my research note. Then Tuesday start making phone calls and emails for my story on National Suicide Awareness Month. Then after I get feedback on my essays work on those revisions. I am starting to get a pattern worked out for doing all of this at once so that is good. I think I’m making real progress.

I feel better than I did yesterday so I think we are going out to do things–go to Barnes and Noble and see what we can pick up, etc.

Two chapters are coming up that will need really complete revisions–I am going to add a chapter about Ole Miss since that was the first time I ever did self-injury and expand the college chapter/add another one about the blowup. That’s going to be hard to write about. Very vulnerable.

So we will see what happens. That’s coming up quickly so I may go ahead and start on it so it will be ready. I’m sending in chapters on my mom and Aunt Lena this week. We will see how they go.

I need to switch over to church. Hope everyone has a good day and a good Labor Day. Love to all.

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