Labor Day

I’m going to do bit of work this Labor Day–I’m going to write my research log and a book annotation then interview a guy I know for a MCIR story. But we’ll do some running around for fun, too–the bookstore, the comic book store, etc. So we will use our day off for good ends.

I have been in conversation on Facebook with the author of the two books I’ve read for class. It’s been very strange. I friended him on Facebook back last year when he came to the Mississippi Book Festival and he took my request after I messaged him about how much I had enjoyed his reading and the Q&A at the panels. I messaged him back during my manic phase that I was starting on my memoir! And he messaged back a piece of advice about the process, and I said thank you.

Then this fall semester I messaged him that I was reading his books and we got into further conversations, including the one last night. He’s from Rankin County, where I live, so I think he knows there’s no use in putting on airs with me. But he has been more than polite to chat with me.

I need to run and wash my hair to tame it down some. Then I think I will write until we go out for lunch and get as much done as I can. Godspeed to all of you!


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