Cooking With Gas

So I am really moving along on a lot of fronts. I am getting information on my Suicide Awareness month story and only have a book annotation to write today for my thesis work. SO I am really feeling good about work this morning.

Bob is doing telehealth with his doctor this morning; he really feels bad and needs medication. So I am waiting to hear back from him on what he’s going to be doing about being ill this week. I hope they can give him something that will help him. He’s not been doing well for a couple of months, so I really want him to feel better.

I’m not as sleepy as I have been–I’m actually pretty awake; I’ve been talking to Candy and trying to find out more about how she is doing. She’s fine which is good.

Bob just called; they are doing another Covid-19 test on him so he has to drive to the doctor’s office. I don’t think this is Covid-19 or he would be a lot sicker with the bronchial problems he already has. So we will see.

I will get going on my annotation and turn everything in this morning. I’m looking forward to that! Hope everyone is staying safe with the virus and getting back into the swing of work from the weekend. See you tomorrow and keep reading!

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