New Work

I have had fun exploring my mood states when I was a senior in high school, All I said about it in my first version was that I was “slightly manic” so I didn’t go into it into detail. But once I started writing about it, I was obviously manic during that time. I thought it was my newfound freedom after going to Ole Miss But I was dangerously euphoric all year long. SO I’m trying to recapture it and put it down on paper to show how high I was but how dangerous it was too.

I haven’t written about bipolar mania from scratch in a while. It’s a hard beast to nail down. To get the feelings and flavors of the time right. I was to show how dangerous it was by showing how unaware I was of what was going on in my own head. About now I think my parents no longer have responsibility for figuring out I was bipolar. I was half-grown and should have reported my scratching incident to Dr. Murchison. But I didn’t because I was scared I’d be sent home a failure. SO I want to capture in the manuscript the changing of their responsibility for me to my responsibility for myself.

I’m going to go get dressed then come back to work. Hope everyone else is doing well. Godspeed.

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