So Late

I have been too tired all day to do much of anything. We went to church this morning and I nodded off in the service a lot. SO I got home, cooked lunch, and as soon as we were through eating, I headed to bed and just now got up. I’m still not really awake yet. I’m just up.

I still seem bombed out. I want to go lie back down. But I’ll soon need to cook supper so I need to be awake. I can’t be this sleepy just because I went to the game Friday. That would have kicked in yesterday.

I still need to revise last week’s work and read for my research log. I will see how much I can read in the bathtub tonight if I’m not too sleepy. Right now I feel so dragged out. I couldn’t concentrate right now if I did start writing.

So let me see if looking at the news wil get my blood moving again. Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe from the virus.

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