Tire Pressure

My tire pressure light came back on so I went back to the tire place and they said this time all my tires were a bit low. They put it down to the change in weather–couldn’t find any leaks of any kind. So at least they didn’t charge me for looking. I was glad of that.

I read some last night and need to do my research note for tomorrow. I think i know what way I will go with it so that is nice to know, I still need to revise last week’s essays so if I can stay awake, I will do it this morning.

Last day of my forties. I feel kind of retrospective. I started my forties with rollerskating, did my degree work, and ended them with short grey hair. That’s all that I’ll write about in Rollerskating Over Forty should the book ever appear. I am looking forward to locking down Growing Up Mental this year then starting on A Year Without Writing. I need to reread my journal from that time so I can line out chapters (either themed together or just month-by-month). Not sure which organizing principle I will use.

It’s realy nice and chilly outside today with the wind, If we didn’t have the winds, I think it would be warmer. But that’s okay. Right time of year for the weather to change.

I will be glad when either life gets back to normal or we all get used to the way it is and it feels normal. This unsettled feeling all the time is unnerving.

I guess I will start on my research note and the rest of my w4iting I hope everyone has a good first day of fall and enjoys the weather change. Godspeed,

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