Thesis Work

Yesterday I halfway approached the difficult parts of my college experience that I had with bipolar that I haven’t ever talked about yet. I blocked it in–found places where I would expand and tell those stories and wrote down shorthand titles for the stories that need to go into that spot. So I at least know where it’s all going to go now. And I can attack sections and have a plan for what all I am writing,

I came back with good reports on the two chapters I tuned in for this week–she’s writing more encouraging notes about things I’m doing right rather than notes where ideas need work on these chapters. Of course she had seen them before and I had improved them from that point. I’m still ahead on my weekly assignments–the new pieces I still need to do aren’t due to be turned in for a little while, so I have time.

I wish I had someone to talk shop with. The girl I’m friendly with has had a personal crisis and is not sure if she’s going to be able to work on her thesis this semester so I don’t want to bring it up with her. And the other girl I know is working on thesis with Ellen Ann I just don’t know very well. So I just don’t know who to toss ideas around with.

I so want to go back to sleep. I didn’t sleep solid last night or the night before that. I had a lot of weird dreams all coming out this material I’m writing on–about my mom and dad and being at home. It hasn’t helped me solve any narrative problems or altered how I go about reacting to mom and dad. So I’m not sure what they’re all about.

I guess I will wind up writing here and move to the thesis document before lunch. I may just reread it, but I can get tat little bit done in te time before lunch. Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus. Thanks so much for reading!

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