Another Place to Write

I turned in an application for a website that writes about all kinds of medical topics that is looking for a mental health writer. SO I sent in my cover letter and resume to see if they would be interested in working with me. WE will see what happens.

Not much is going on right now. My youngest is marching in the band show tonight at the game so we will go to that. My middle one comes down this Saturday to visit for my birthday so I will enjoy that. She is having a hard time with the online classes this semester-they are classes that really need to be in-person so they can do experiments and all.

I am glad to be feeling as well as I am with the world just burning up around us. Soon the election will at least be over and maybe there will be a break in the vitriol everyone is spitting out. I can hope.

I need to start laundry, then start back on my thesis, either reading or writing. Not sure which I will do.

I guess I go ahead and start it all off. Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus and with all the natural phenomena going on. Love to all.

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