Four Overtimes

That’s what it took for Brandon to beat Gulfport last night. Gosh, it was a long game. And very tiring, too. But kind of fun in it’s own way. How many ways can a football team shoot itself in the foot and still win?

Waiting on my middle one to come in for lunch. Not sure what all we are going to do after that except we are going to Table 100 for dinner tonight. So that’s a good thing.

I’m doing pretty well. I’ve gotten everything done this week I intended. I still need to work ahead on my thesis–next week I turn in brand new material and the week after that I have to do a bunch of revised material that I haven’t completed yet. So that will make things a little dicey, I think next week. I will work on it as I can this weekend and at the first of the week. I also have reading to do so I need to get on that.

I have generally managed well this month. No big lapses in my work or my house stuff. I really feel like I could go back to sleep but I know not to–I don’t know when I will have to open the house for the middle one.

I am gong to get a big glass of orange juice and try to wake up the rest of the way.. Hope everyone is having a good day. Stay safe from the virus. Love to all.

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