Aunt Doris

Got news last week that my Aunt Doris in Texas had fallen and broken her hip. We heard shortly after that that she was moving to hospice–she was not expected to survive surgery if they did do it due to her underlying COPD and need for an oxygen machine, which she had been wearing for years. Last night my cousins called my mom and told her she had passed away peacefully. She was almost eighty years years old by the way my mom could figure it. Doris was my daddy’s sister. So we are waiting for arrangments and to see whether or not we go to Texas for her funeral. Now out of seven kids, there’s just Daddy and his sister Charlotte in West Virginia and his twin sister Jerry who is still around home.

She lived in Ackerman most of my growing up years–she spent time in Texas and came back when the oil market crashed back in the 80s. Her children graduated school here in Mississippi but went back to Texas as soon as they could afterwards. She stayed here with her husband and I saw a lot of her in those years. When she first started to really go downhill, she moved back to Texas to be near her daughter and son, then when things got really bad, she moved in with her daughter. She’s been living with her for several years–I’ve lost count. At least she died with her family around her and having spent these last years with a large supportive family.

I’m going to do some writing so that if I do get off to Texas later in the week I will have all the loose ends tied up. So I will move on and wish everyone a happy Monday. Godspeed.

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