Sigh. . .

I’ve had a busy morning so far. Right before I was going to go take my daughter to school, I rubbed my eyes with my contacts in, then realized I couldn’t see clearly out of my right eye. So okay, I shifted the lens off my pupil when I rubbed them. So I start searching for it under my eyelid.

I can’t find it.

Then I have to leave taking my daughter to school. One eye I can see clearly through, one I can’t. So I’ve driven like that before so I did again. I finally got here there, dropped her off, then pulled into a parking space to use my vanity mirror in my car’s visor to look again.

I cant find it.

Probing under my eyelid with my finger, pulling down my lower lid, etc. I can’t find it. I get frustrated and shift my car back into gear and come home. I stop in the garage and probe in my my eye some more. Can’t find it.

Then I think, maybe I rubbed it out of my eye. It’s lying on the floor in my house. So I walk through the house and find it. Folded up in the floor where it fell out. I took out my other lens and went to wash my hair. I still haven’t put the lenses back in because my eyes hurts so much where I poked it s badly. I will get back to it though. Just not yet.

So how’s your day been so far?

I have Candy coming then I go see Tillie. The trip to Texas has been moved–they are having the service on Saturday, so we all are leaving on Thursday morning. Mom and Dad are going to pick me up on the way down, and we’ll come back right after the service. WE will see how it all goes.

Hope everyone else is managing well today. I am going to write, write, write today so as to be ready for next week, and it is proving hard to put down the way I want. We will see. Godspeed.

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