A Good Night’s Sleep

Maybe that’s all I needed. I do feel better than yesterday, although not fully up to snuff like I’d like to be. I’m still not sure of what I can accomplish today but we will see. I hope I can work on my thesis some this afternoon. I need to go grocery shopping this afternoon. I’m going to start Bob’s laundry soon so that will get done. I have plenty to do; it’s just the motivation to get it done.

I have a conference for my thesis Friday. Not sure what we’re going to talk about–I have enough to keep turning in written out already–I just need to revise them soon so I don’t get behind.

My youngest is still in quarantine–she won’t go back to school until November 2. She’s being good keeping up with her online classes as far as I can tell. Bob wants to bring us lunch home so we are going to have that bit of fun with good food for lunch. One of these days this will all be over. I don’t know when or how, but it has to end sometime.


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