Thesis Soundtrack

I found an oldies country station on the radio and it has been what I’ve been listening to during the entire thesis process thus far. I hoped that it would bring up more memories of being a kid and being young as fodder for my memoir. I think it’s really worked well thus far. Puts me in a nostalgic mood.

I don’t have rose-colored glasses about my raising but going back this time has tempered some of my original anger I’ve had about it. Especially now having been a mom and parented girls through all the difficult times. It’s helped give me some perspective. So that’s good.

I need to go back and start revising again. The only things I really have to do today are getting Bob’s laundry ready, a conference at 1:15 p.m., and cooking dinner. Maybe this can be the day I take back my writing for myself and work on it after this whole burnout episode. Maybe I can stop feeling burned out if I am careful with myself today. That would be nice.

Let e go check on Bob’s laundry and see what I can find out with it and get it done. Then eat lunch and revise. We will see. Wish me well as I climb back up from whatever this has been. Thanks for thinking about me.

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