Got to Write Today

I wrote my book annotation yesterday and today need to do my research log. But that would entail doing some new reading, which I haven’t done yet. So I think I will read at lunch today and then send everything off.

Candy is here so we have had a good talk, mostly about the election. She thinks it will be obvious who won on election night–I think it will take longer but not as long as 2000. But we will see.

My youngest is home for another week in quarantine so she is getting restless. She wants to be back in school. But she is valiantly trying to get all of her work done like she would if she were at school. And at least she is doing that.

I feel better than I have for a while. I feel energetic and may actually do some revising before lunch and see how much I get done. I’m still working on my wedding but don’t have much left in that to do. Then I have all the rest of the edits to do. But that’s really the big one–get it out of the way and most others are small fixes.

We will see what happens. Hope everyone else is having a productive day. Stay safe from the virus. Godspeed.


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