Caught Up

I finally caught up on the edits I was behind on–I finished them yesterday at night. Now I will get a set of fresh new edits sometime today and will try to figure out when to get them done. But I feel good at catching up and not just letting them keep sliding to where it would be too overwhelming. But I discovered something–I’m only two pages away from 300 and only 100 words away from 80,000. So next semester may actually be cutting away at some of what I’ve written! We will see.

Now I need to catch up on laundry. I’m going to try and do that this afternoon–get my laundry caught up so I can do all of Bob’s tomorrow without mine in the way. We’ll see how that comes out as well.

I feel more energetic today–I slept in some and have been scrolling Facebook and Twitter. That’s always a good way to waste an hour or three. (Just kidding–it’s more like an hour at a time.)

Almost done with quarantining my youngest one. She goes back to school next Monday. I hope it’s the last time we have to do this, but I bet it won’t be. I’ve about acclimated to staying at home and not going out during the week except for the pharmacy and the grocery store. We do most of our running around on weekends doing errands as a family.

I’m on the downslope with my thesis; I have about six more essays to turn in and three or four more weeks to do it in. Then I turn it in and not think about it until the next semester. I doubt I do that–I’ll probably keep tinkering with it one way or another.

I need to talk to Bob abut how to do Halloween. We’ve bought candy, but I’m leaning toward just putting out a bowl and telling them to grab it themselves. Of course, neither our city nor our subdivision has made any announcements about what they want us to do. So it’s just guessing on our part.

I suppose I will go eat lunch now. My middle one is coming home to vote and eat dinner with us next week, so that will be fun. Lots of fun to look forward to. Hope everyone has a great day!


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