Drying Out

from Hurricane Zeta–we just got a lot of rain, no damage or power loss that I know about. I hope this was the last gasp of 2020 and things will normalize somewhat soon. Points south of us got a lot of damage, particularly on the Coast. But we will survive; we always have down here.

Starting to have a schedule for doing things during the day. It helps. I need to be thinking abut posts for December for http://www.BPHope.com. I have a new one up about how I tried to educate my children about bipolar disorder and the different ways they reacted. So that was good. I have another one about traveling and keeping med schedules on point coming out likely late in October before Thanksgiving.

I got my edits last night and she definitely doesn’t like my penchant of summarizing conversations when I don’t remember all the details. So I’ll do a lot of rewriting on this section as well. I need to do laundry this afternoon and go to the grocery story–I’ll try to do it tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good day and that you are staying safe from the virus.


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